My car will not start

Hello Matt,

My Toyota tries to start, but just keeps going round and round. The people at a car parts warehouse said it could be the starter or the battery? I don’t know alot about car repair, but that doesn’t seem right. I would like to get a free estimate if possible? I will pay for the repairs from your shop as long as the estimate is reasonable and honest?

I await your reply. Thanks in advance


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  • matt

    March 18, 2016 at 9:20 pm Reply

    Hello Katy,

    Glad you asked that question. Unfortunantly, there can be no definitive answer over the Internet. This kind of problem can bring multiple solution possibilties. We resolve this kind of issue all the time. You will need to bring in the Toyota where Matt’s Auto can diagnose the problem correctly. We can read the vehicle error codes along with other diagnostic tools and previous acquired knowledge for an accurate resolution.

    See you soon.

    Thanks Katy

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